That's For the Birds

With Sue Troupe

SPECIAL OFFERING: The same 2-hour masterclass is offered on both days. Come to one or both.

When: Saturdays, April 23 & 30, 2022

Time: noon ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT

Where: Zoom (I'll provide link)

Why: To learn how birds can help you to relax and destress while getting connected to nature and learning new facts about birds.


Over seven decades, Sue Troupe traveled the globe searching for the world's most magnificent birds.

From this hatched Meditation Through Observation.

Registration is limited!


Sue Troupe, the "Woman of Many Hats", is curious. She loves to learn in formal and informal settings through observation.

She is an out-of-the-box problem solver that often leads to writing and implementing grants.

Sue is enrolled in the Yale Climate Change and Health Certificate Program, and will share relevant information in her masterclass.

She enjoys working with all ages, ethnicities, and cultures.


This Masterclass will start in

This class is for you if...

  • You want to learn more about birds no matter how much or little you know.

  • You want a way that is free where you learn how to destress by “Meditation Through Observation”

  • Learn small steps that you can take that benefit birds, wildlife, nature, and humankind.

What you'll learn


What the Beak Tells You

How to identify species and attract birds so that you know what they want to eat

Different Ways to Watch

Competition, "Meditation Through Observation", and Just for Fun

Little Known Facts

How birds are related to dinosaurs. What's the largest bird. What's the longest commute by a bird.

Birds & Humans

The steps you can take to help the birds and other parts of nature including humans

Unsure? I've got a story for you...

Like the rest of the world, COVID affected me in the worst way. In the spring of 2020, I lost my main income and my bank account dwindled.

Living alone, I was isolated and didn’t know what to do. I was lonely, sad, and broke.

I kept looking out my kitchen window at the birds that were attracted to my bird feeders and moved my laptop so that when I took a break from my work, I could view the birds.

Each day, I carved out some time to go outside and sit right next to the bird feeder, which was near a container garden where vegetables and herbs grew.

I felt revived as my body and soul began to wake up.

As I watched the birds, I forgot my troubles. My general outlook improved.

Birdwatching made me happier. I was motivated to do more in my life.

I would like to share my excitement about birdwatching and how it can become Meditation Through Observation for you, too.

Join me so that you can find that joy right outside YOUR front door!


So... are you in?